These are two very popular senarios in how we feel negative energy.

I was taking my son to an interview with a new school. upon entering, I felt a cold dark and distant feeling come over me. Although everything was well lit and colorful, it felt wrong. My gut told me turn to around and walk out. So I did.

I met this woman and right away I didn’t like her. Everything she said sounded phony. The more time I spent in her company the more my stomach started to ache, and my head started to pound and I got really tired.

You get that feeling that something just isn’t right.

These are ways to describe an enounter with positive energies.

I walked into a park with my friend and I just felt so connected with the world and so relaxed, I didn’t want to leave. I could have spent all day there.

I met this person and we seemed to connect right away. It was one of the best conversations I have ever had. I feel so wonderful every time I see them.

However, sometimes the two get mixed up. Someone who is generally a positive person can do something negative. Like for instance, a neighbor might be a great person with wonderful energy, is always there to lend a hand, or a cup of sugar. One day you buy a BBQ that she secretly really wanted and that split second of envy crosses her mind.

Over at your house you suddenly feel tired and you blame it on the crowd while shopping or the sleep you got last night. The next day you wake up but you don’t feel better. This is because that split second of envy sent negative energy at you. The minute this negative energy hit you it started to attract more negative energy. The result is you feel tired and nothing seems to be going right. People think your picking a fight with them, that business deal or promotion you thought was in the bag, goes to someone else. You start feeling sick or not yourself. Your stomach hurts or you get a headache. Sometimes even nose bleeds.

You could have just gotten THE EVIL EYE!

Now you can have the evil eye removed just by giving us your information needed to help you. The cost for removing the evil eye is $100.00.

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Sometimes it has been there so long that if it doesn’t get better after taking the EYE off, you should get a negative energy clearing done, just by giving us your information needed to help you. The cost for removing all related negative energy is $150.00.

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At this point you might be asking why do we offer both? Lets take for example a carpet stain. You scrub the stain with soapy water but it isn’t powerful enough to get the stain out. You remove the evil eye but somehow you need something a little more powerful to remove all of the negativity attached to you. Perhaps, The stain was there for a while and it is set into the carpet. You need a better cleanser with a better stain remover. So if you feel that it is a negative situation on a smaller scale then taking off the EVIL EYE will work fine. However, if you think it was been a while or more powerful then you should get the energy cleansing.